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A recent SEO blog for a Beauty Salon. Note the call to action after the first paragraph. It’s important to convey to the reader what you’d like them to do before their attention is lost. 

Typically readers discover your blog after typing a phrase into their search engine. In this case, that phrase would be “lash extensions Market Rasen” so it’s vital that our H1 tells the search engine immediately that this page contains the answer. 

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Lash Extensions Market Rasen

We offer a variety of lash extensions in our Market Rasen Salon. From natural classic extensions to full glamour Russian volume, we give you the exact look that you like and compliment your eyes with fully bespoke sets of extensions. 

Click here to book your Lash extension appointment. Don’t forget all lash services require a patch test at least 24 hours before treatment. 

Classic Lash Extensions

Classic lash extensions offer a timeless look and are our most popular option for anyone new to extensions. They’re lightweight and easy to care for making them perfect for beginners and those with busy lifestyles. 

Classic lash extensions consist of a single lash being stuck to each of your natural lashes. Using a variety of lengths, curls and weights (thickness) your technician will create your desired look whilst making sure we complement and enhance your eye shape. 

classic lash extensions Market Rasen

SVS Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions Market Rasen SVS Lashes

SVS – speed, volume and style – a semi-permanent lash treatment that creates fluffy, impactful, volume lashes for up to 8 weeks. By using our specialist techniques your technicaian can create SVS lashes that give you style and volume.

Your Volume technician will use our multi-length SVS Lash Extensions to create lightweight fans of multiple lashes to apply to your natural eyelashes. This technique means you can achieve fuller, volume lashes without the strong linear definition of a more classic Russian Volume lash treatment. Taking into consideration your desired look, your SVS lashes are tailored especially for you, whether you are wanting more natural volume or everyday glamour.

Russian Volume Lash Extensions

Russian Volume lash extensions are the original volume lash treatment. They give a dramatic look by using fans of varying length lashes. 

Each set is created especially to enhance your eyes and achieve your desired look. Your technician will create fans of lashes depending on the length and strength of your natural lashes. 

These lashes are perfect for anyone wanting a more dramatic effect and those wanting full on glamour for an occasion. 

Russian volume lashes lash extensions market rasen

If you would like any advice on lash extensions contact us or click here to book. Don’t forget that all lash extensions require a patch test at least 24 hours prior to treatment. 

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