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Looking for a copywriting blog? You found one. Secret Diary of a Copy Girl takes a look at life behind the keyboard and gives an honest view of exactly what it’s like to write copy for a huge range of businesses.  

If you’re new to the world of freelance copywriting, it’s sure to be an eye opener and if you’re a seasoned pro it will have you nodding your head as you recognise some of the clients and wonder, “Did we work for the same one?” 

I adore being a copywriter and digital marketing consultant and it really is a fabulous job but it’s not without it days of pulling your hair out, refreshing your emails 100 times a minute, waiting for clients to answer questions and rewrites because they’ve changed their minds. 

That said there’s no better feeling than seeing your client on Google page 1 because you’ve worked bloody hard on their SEO or seeing their followers grow due to bang on social media posts. 

So buckle up, grab a brew (or a gin) and take a look at my secret dairy of a copy girl. 

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