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Brand Tone of Voice & how it helps your business.

What is Brand Tone Of Voice?

Your Brand Tone of Voice is the way in which you communicate to your target audience; your customers, clients, peers and pretty much anyone who helps you make your money. 

Why does my brand need Voice?

The internet can be a pretty impersonal place, especially when compared to clients and customers walking through your doors and choosing to buy a product or service because they like you or your staff.

That’s why finding your brand tone of voice is so important. It’s your presence behind the screen so that when a potential customer is reading your website or social media posts, they have a positive image of your brand and the people behind it. 

In much the same way as having a brand logo, company colours and uniformed text, a brand tone of voice helps customers to quickly establish a connection with your company. 

If they see something written in a similar way each time on social media, for example, they’ll instantly recognise you against competitors they’re unfamiliar with, which will place them firmly in the forefront of their minds when they require whatever it is you have to offer. 

How do I use my Brand Tone of Voice?

Of course, it’s vital that once the brand tone of voice has been set, all staff writing any literature or digital marketing material use it. 

This is where it’s useful to have a document they can refer to containing the types of language to use and the words to definitely never use.

How Do I Find My Tone Of Voice?

Coming up with your brand tone of voice isn’t always simple. Although the type of business you run will probably mean you have something in common with most customers you sell to, how you’re communicating with them through your website and digital marketing may not highlight that. 

To find your true brand tone of voice it’s important to think of your ideal target client (ITC) and explore the ways in which you would sell to them face to face. 
Think about the problems that have and how your business can solve them. 

For example, You’re a long-standing family business, handed through generations and operating in several small towns in one county.
Your client, Mary, 73 needs a new cooker because hers has broken. She’s a long term customer and always comes to you for any home appliances. 
Mary doesn’t want “the best new tech” this isn’t why she and her family have always shopped with you. She wants a “great, reliable product” with “the same service standards as she’s come to expect”
Business is and always will be people. 

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