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Who Is That Copy Girl?

SEO Copywriter, Digital Marketing Consultant and Content Writer, based in Lincolnshire UK – That’s who That Copy Girl is.

From audit to delivery and full support throughout I provide a full range of marketing services including complete outsourced marketing, ad hoc marketing projects and unbiased strategic marketing advice. I’ve helped countless clients to increase their presence over the last 15+ years.

Words are my paintbrush. Why would you market your company with a stick figure when you can do it with an original masterpiece? Copywriting isn’t just putting words on a page, or generated by an AI tool, it’s carefully crafting those words to actively sell your services or products without the reader feeling like they’re being sold a thing.

I’m passionate about helping businesses and non-profit organisations to work out the most effective options to really get the very best from their marketing strategies. I ensure I fully understand your brand identity before writing a word.

I work with clients to set out media and web content to get the results they need to push their business forward and stand out from the crowd. I invest myself in your company to understand your goals and help you not only achieve them but exceed them.

As an SEO and copywriter, I offer website content that not only drives traffic to your website but also converts into sales. My social media management services provide seamless marketing. Hire me for a short term campaign or for long term SEO work to increase your search engine rankings I’m based in the Lincolnshire Wolds but work remotely across the UK and overseas.

SEO Copywriter UK

I'm Suzie and I am
That Copy Girl

SEO Copywriter, Content Writer and Digital Marketing Consultant, Based in Lincolnshire UK, working remotely around the world. I'm forever fuelled by coffee and kept company by my ridiculously small dog and office buddy, Luna. Any typos are usually caused by crumbs in my keyboard (don't eat at your desk, it's a disaster waiting to happen) and rectified once I've blown them away.  Take a look at my individual services for more information and don’t be shy, any questions, ask away.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Ad hoc projects: I’m available for any one-off marketing projects you require. These usually include traditional marketing such as press releases, flyer design, brochures and reward schemes as well as digital marketing for example blog posts, website content, refreshing your SEO keywords and phrases or social media marketing. 

Marketing advice and consultancy: Unbiased, honest advice on your current marketing strategy and how to take that forward. Starting with a full audit and comprehensive report to enable your current team to deliver more efficiently. 

Complete outsourced marketing. Remote full marketing service where I will both devise and deliver your full marketing strategy. I integrate into your business and work with you to provide expert marketing services. 

Rank Your Website on Google

Save your website from the sound of crickets. 

It’s all well and good launching the most amazing website the world has ever set eyes on and having pages and pages of content about your company and the products or services that you offer but I’ll be totally honest, you’ve just wasted your time and money if it isn’t optimised to show up in the Search Engines. 

Ever clicked on a website and the first sentence says “Welcome to My Website” or “*Insert Brand Name Here* is here to help you”? Here’s some free advice, if someone searches your brand name, they already know you exist. The first sentence on any website is the most important sentence on your entire website. Here’s the free bit, single out the one most important thing you want to sell to potential customers and use it for the critical sentence. If you’re a building and renovation company in Newcastle, say exactly that. Do not waste your most influential sentence on “Welcome to BS Builders” 

Rant over, you get my point, Let’s have your hard work seen by more people. Let’s see your amazing products crop up right at the beginning of customer searches. Let’s get you optimised. 

Digital Marketing and SEO Copywriting Lincolnshire, UK

Where do we start? First of all, once we’ve had a chat and gathering the information I need to get to know your business I’ll create a brand proposition .
A brand proposition is a vital marketing tool. Whilst you know your business and services or products are the best thing since sliced bread, you need to convince potential customers and clients of that. That’s where your brand proposition comes in. 

A brand proposition provides the foundation for convincing your audience that you are the right company for the job. It tells me everything I need to know to provide your marketing services and allows me to delve completely into what makes your brand unique and gives it an identity. 

Your brand proposition:
Identifies your ideal customer.
ighlights the specific marketing strategies.
Explains exactly how each strategy can work.
Acts as a basis for individual areas of marketing strategy.  

What Now? 

If I sound like I’m the Digital Marketer for you, let’s crack on and push your business beyond the boring. 

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