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What's a copywriter?

Let’s start with what a copywriter isn’t.

I don’t copy writing that other people have written. In fact, I don’t copy anything.

I certainly don’t trademark your inventions either, no matter how amazing they are, and I’ve no doubt you are the next Thomas Edison, but to trademark it, you need to exit and head to a copyrighting website.

However, when you’re ready to sell it, come back and I’ll write some words that tell the world all about your groundbreaking invention and how much they need it in their lives. 

That’s what a copywriter does. 


So, do I need a copywriter?

If you have a business that sells products or services, chances are you need a copywriter from time to time. 

As a copywriter, I take as much information about you, your product or service, your company and your target client as I can gather and through some cleverly worded, compelling content, write either website content, press releases, literature, blog posts and other pieces. 

The aim of a copywriter is to sell, inform and persuade a potential client or customer and drive them to commit to you, your business and your products or service. 

Words are my paint brush and I use them to create a beautiful piece of art in the form copy. 

Can anyone write copy?

Yep. Literally anyone. You don’t even need to be able to spell properly or know how to sell something. 


Yes, but can anyone write copy that sells?

Oh, no! For that, you kinda need to be able to spell to quite a high standard and have a good grasp of advanced grammar.

You also need to know how to sell something without making it sound like a sales pitch, coming across as too pushy. Often for something you haven’t got the first clue about. It could be selling a specific product, service or even the company itself. 

You also need excellent research skills to know what is it you’re selling, who’s selling it and who to.  You also need to gain knowledge about competitors, keywords, long-tail keyphrases and use those to stand out in the crowd. 

Once you’ve got all that down, you’re halfway there, you just need to able to work using various platforms and know how to use a multitude of software. 

After that you’re flying, just make what you’re writing informative, eye-catching and captivating as well as accurate, compelling, concise and informative.

Easy, right?  


Copywriting sounds like a lot of work. Can you do it for me?

You bet I can. Send me a brief using the form and let’s get selling. 

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