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Your website is the most powerful sales tool in your marketing box. Having the right content is the difference between getting that next sale or the customer leaving and moving onto your competitor. 

Good SEO Content not only increases your chances of being seen in search rankings, it makes your brand stand out from the crowd. 

Your web content needs to be clear, informative and attention grabbing and it needs to showcase you and your business.  You know exactly what it is you want to tell your customers and clients but the way you do that often isn’t as simple as it seems. 

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Getting the right Website Content

Website content needs to immediately shout out to your potential customers and state what it is you do and equally, who you are as a brand. 

Before I produce a single word of copy for your website I get to know you, your business and your clients in order to write in a way that’s engaging to the audience you typically attract.

Together we find your most useful keywords and long-tail key phrases in order to increase your search engine rankings for all the right reasons and then I work them into the copy I produce along with your headings and titles to really make your business stand up and be counted.  

Types of website content

Ad Hoc
Single Pages

Optimisation of existing content

Full Website Content

If you don’t want a whole new website or every page of content re-written I can produce single pages on an as-needed basis. 

If you have a new service or product range, for example, I can produce great results from just one single page of copy. 

Fully search engine optimised with all your most important keywords and written in keeping with your existing styling.

If you already have pages and pages of content that just isn’t converting into sales, a great option is to have me optimise your existing copy by re-writing and adding attention grabbing headlines. 

I will alter your existing copy to make it more attractive to potential customers and show up higher in search engine rankings. 

A few well-written pages can have a big impact on your web traffic. 

If you’re a brand new business just getting started, having a rebrand or an overhaul of your existing website, now is the ideal time to have brand new, full web content written for you. 

The best thing about having your website content written from scratch is that you can really reach out to the customers you’re trying to attract and instantly get your brand message across, avoiding conflicting tones of voice and be clear about who you are as a company.  

eCommerce Product Copy



Writing catchy, descriptive product descriptions can be time consuming and often seem repetitive. 

Good product copy is individual to each item in your web store whilst sticking with a template that’s easy to read, informative for your customers and remains on-brand for your business. This helps your customers instantly recognise you as a brand and encourages multiple sales. 

Letting your customers know about the services you provide is vital for your service based company. 

Providing a service is providing a solution to a problem or need of clients. When describing your services you need to convey how you’re going to solve that and why they should choose you over your competitor. 
A well written service guide that gives all the information without them having to ask 309855 questions motivates them to choose you. 


“It’s good to talk”, “Does exactly what it says on the tin” and “Just do it” are all brand straplines and I’d like to bet you know exactly which brands they represent. (Well if you’re in the over 30’s club for the 1st one) 

A successful strapline is catchy, memorable and describes what it is that brand does, all in one simple little sentence. 

If you don’t have strapline, let me create one for you.