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SEO Rankings Increase

When I was contacted by Goldstar Puppy Academy to increase their SEO Rankings, naturally I did a quick search to see where they were positioned currently. They weren’t. 

I searched their geographical location, Sebastian, Florida. They also serve Vero Beach and all of The Treasure Coast. Do you know how many puppy trainers there are covering these areas? A lot!! 

This was going to be a challenge. Maybe my biggest yet. 

How I Increased The Rankings of a Puppy Training in Florida. 

The good news was that they had 92 YouTube Videos uploaded and lots of great content, like really great content on the website already. The bad news was, no one knew it was there. 

Never one to back down from a challenge, I agreed to work with Gerry-Anna, the principal puppy trainer, and set to work. 

Starting with YouTube, I made the videos SEO friendly and sent them public(!) Within a week we saw them cropping up on Google searches. 

Now, the website. There was a lot of content to get through, lots of blogs already published but totally undiscoverable by anyone looking for “Puppy Training In Vero Beach” for example. They needed work too. 

I had 20 hours and just 1 month to start getting the agreed search phrases ranking as highly as possible. 

From Unseen to Page 1 in a Google Search in just 1 Month! 

You can nip onto an incognito Google search and check these for yourself at any point. They’ll either be the same or even higher. I’m always completely transparent and make sure any data I provide is accurate and truthful. 

The 3 main Search Terms we were targeting were: 

  • Puppy Training Vero Beach
  • Puppy Training Sebastian
  • Obedience Training Vero Beach

And below are the results. 

SEO Increasing Rankings

 Can you imagine how many Puppy Trainers there are in Florida? Let me tell you, it’s a lot! I never expected a relatively new website to rank so highly within 1 month in such a saturated market. I guess I shouldn’t doubt my abilities next time! 

SEO Rankings Increase

If you want your website to start showing up in Google searches (other search engines are available) contact me and let’s chat.