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What is SEO?

If I was to explain right here exactly what was involved in website SEO we’d be here days. You don’t have time for that so let’s put it in a nutshell. SEO is a series of processes put in place on your website to make it show up higher in search engine rankings – basically, you’ll be seen a lot more by potential customers looking for a company that sells what they need.

Types of SEO

Depending on the type of business you own the types of SEO processes will alter to suit. If you have a local business with physical premises for example the SEO will be focused on driving local custom, people who will actually shop with you. If you’re a hairdresser based in Nottingham it’s pretty useless to be showing up on page 1 of Google in Sussex. 

There are certain technical SEO practices that are put in place regardless of size, type or location of business. These are practices that search engines deem good in terms of you being a trustworthy company that provides quality content for their readers. 

ECommerce SEO takes a different approach as your target market is typically far more saturated and your products will likely have competition from around the world. The processes put in place in this instance are tailored towards this. 

How long does SEO take?

How long is a piece of string? It’s impossible to give an accurate timescale and if a company makes a promise to get you to page 1 position 1 in X amount days, please run away. Chances are they will, but they’ll do this by using bad practices and your position won’t last. 

Good SEO takes time and requires ongoing work to hold position against competitors. 


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SEO Blog Copywriting - What's that all about?

SEO or search engine optimisation is a variety of digital marketing tools used to make your website show up in web searches such as Google (other search engines are available). 

The ideal position for your website to rank is of course page 1, position 1 but in a world wide web with 1000’s of competitors, simply having a website with a home page, about us and contact page simply won’t bring custom. 

To stand out and show up before your competitors you need SEO content. Starting with your homepage and about and continuing with regular posts. YES continuing! Thought your website was complete? It never is. 

Your competition will most likely have regularly added and updated content such as blog posts and services or product pages and that is why they’re above you in search engines. 

Now you might think you can just throw some money Google’s way and sit pretty at the top as an Advert. Ever searched for something and skipped past the Ads because they’re barely relevant? So are your potential customers. 

Contact me today to see how we can improve your Google rank.

SEO Blog writing

SEO Blog Copywriting - Content

Ever searched for something and seen “7 ways to….. or 5 of the best…..”? They’re traffic drivers and if you don’t have equivalent blogs on your website, you’re missing out. 
Your potential customer isn’t looking for “10 new ways” but if they spot an interesting article while searching for the thing you sell, chances are they’ll stop by. 

Now we have them! There’s my next sale. Right? Wrong! You may have them on your website reading your fab article but what are they going to do from there? The next task that your SEO blog pages need to perform is to convert that visit into a sale and how we do that is via CTA (Call to Action). This literally means telling your potential client what you want them to do next. 

So what are you waiting for? Drop me a message and let’s get you showing up first in Google.